Simple jukebox written in Go.


A long time ago I’ve programmed a jukebox written in C. This jukebox was nothing special. It was just a simple console program that searched for all music files in a directory and played them one by one. With a simple keypress it was possible to go back and forward in the list of songs or to stop the jukebox.

C jukebox

On the PC that was running this jukebox, I had connected an infrared receiver/transmitter so I was able to control the jukebox with a remote control and view the titles of the songs on a little infrared display that I had build.

IR display

New jukebox

Technology has advanced. Instead of sending the song titles to a display by infrared, it’s now more logical and less cumbersome to just display it on my smartphone.

That’s why I’ve rewritten my Jukebox as a Java Spring Boot program. This way I can control my jukebox with a web browser.

After reading and learning about Go, I’ve rewritten my jukebox again in Go.


I’ve installed my jukebox on a Raspberry Pi, which streams the music with pulseaudio-dlna to my network receiver.