Now that I have a great pfSense box with Wi-Fi, I don’t need my Fonera 2100 anymore. So, why not try to do something interesting with it? ;)

At you can read how to access the serial console on the Fonera.

The serial port of the fonera uses 3.3V instead of the normal RS-232 voltage levels. Because of that, you need some level converters to connect the Fonera to a normal serial port.

But, the Raspberry Pi also has a serial port which operates at 3.3V. This means that you can connect the serial port of a Raspberry Pi and la Fonera without the need of a level shifter.



With a serial communication program like minicom it is now possible to access the Fonera.

starting minicom -b 9600 -D /dev/ttyAMA0

minicom : fonera booting