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Mon Aug 28 11:59:45 CEST 2006

pic3com and 3C509-without-B

After reading the documentation more carefully I came to the conclusion that it is not possible to use a 3C509-without-B Ethernet-card with my pic3com-desgin because I access the Ethernet-card via 8-Bits instead of 16-Bits.

From the PDF at page 119 :
8-Bit Access Support
The 3C509B and 3C589B support 8-bit accesses, which the 3C509 and 3C589
adapters did not. This will allow them to be used in 8-bit slots or in 8-bit
designs (like handhelds), where 3C509 and 3C589 adapters could not be used.
If you want to use a 3C509-without-B with a PIC you can take a look at this project. (Not related to my project, although the name pic3com is also used :-) )

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Thu Aug 17 22:15:32 CEST 2006

IWM2006 Photo's

The IWM2006 was a great success. You can see some pictures here.

You can also see some movies: Movie1 Movie2 Movie3 Movie4 Movie5

Thanks to Jan Verhoeven for putting these movies and pictures online :-)

BTW, If you want to join the wisclub, just take look at the website of the wisclub.

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Fri Aug 11 07:31:35 CEST 2006

IWM 2006

This afternoon I'll go to the IWM 2006.

I'm not gone read my E-mail during these days. Off course, that's not a problem, because I'm sure we gone have a lot of fun 8)

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Sun Aug 6 10:31:53 CEST 2006

HTML e-mail & Mutt

I read my E-mail with Mutt, works great.

For some strange reason, there are people that sends HTML-only E-mail to me and reading them with Mutt was a little-bit annoying :-(

So, I start searching the internet for a solution and found this page that shows a solution by using Mutt's auto_view command. Works very nice :-)

From the muttrc man-page:
       auto_view type[/subtype] [ ... ]
       unauto_view type[/subtype] [ ... ]
              This  commands  permits  you  to  specify that mutt should
              automatically convert the given MIME types to text/plain when
              displaying messages.  For this to work, there  must  be  a
              mailcap(5) entry  for  the  given MIME type with the
              copiousoutput flag set.  A subtype of "*" matches any subtype,
              as does an empty subtype.

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