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Last update : 2005-07-13
PIC --> PIC18F452 and 3COM 3C509B Ethernet ISA card --> PCB (Printed Circuit Board) --> PCB (

As a GNU/Linux-user, how to let make a PCB at


Why web standards are important.

1. No succes :-(

With pcb I had created "Extended Gerber RS-274-X"- and "Excellon/NC drill"-files. "Extended Gerber RS-274-X" and "Excellon/NC drill" are the industry standard to exchange information about a PCB-design. So, now I could go searching for a PCB-manufacturer where I could deliver this files to let make a PCB out of it.

After some google'ing, I read positive reactions about eurocircuits. So, I went to there website. With "Plot & Go", I should be able to upload my files to let make a PCB.

However, when I tried this service I get this annoying message : firefox message only IE

"No problem", I tought, "we tell firefox to act if it was IE and try again." :

firefox act if you are IE

And yes, this seems to work. No error-message and the next page appeared on my screen. Here I should be able to enter the necessary data : firefox page 2

However, I was not able to enter anything in the "Delivery Term"-field and after clicking some other fields I get this error-message : firefox error

I have tried the same with Konqueror and Opera 7, but this gives the same result. So, it seems impossible for a GNU/Linux-user to make use of this service.

So, I went looking for other PCB-manufacturers, but finding one was not that easy. Those who looks interesting were located outsite Belgium (where I live), so I must have a creditcard to pay, but I don't have a creditcard. I have google'ed a lot and it seems easier to just give up, maybe it is easier to just make it again on an experiment-board without a real PCB-board.

2. Succes :-)

O well, maybe lets try one more time with the latest version of Opera 8. Off course first tell Opera to act like it was IE and then lets try : opera

Hey, now I can enter some data in the "Delivery Term"-field. Whow, is it really going to work? opera succes

Without a problem I was able to upload my files. After a week the PCB-board was ready. And the result is indeed beautiful!

3. Last words

The PCB-board made by eurocircuits is a very good product. I have no complaints about that! But it is sad that it is almost impossible for someone who is using an alternate OS to use there website.

This problems could be avoided. There exist webstandards, take a look at When respecting these webstandards, a webpage can be used by almost any browser.

It would be good if eurocircuits would take this into account. validator

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